Drop-Off / Pick-up Service

We offer pick-up services in Bucks, Delaware, Montgomery County and the Greater Philadelphia area at no cost to you, as long as the market value of your item or combined items meet a $250.00 minimum. If the market value total is less than $250.00, you have the option of dropping off your item(s) at any of our drop-off locations.

Estate Sales / Cleanout Services

FastDROP Main Line is very happy to be able to help families from the tri-state area. We are a family run business that takes pride in how we manage our sales, bring value to our customers and take care of the families that we help transition through times of change.


The services we provide are estate/tag sales, complete cleanouts and consignment sales. Our clients are families that are downsizing, selling their homes, estates or property, families that are trying to reduce the number of possessions in their home, short sales and foreclosures.


We also often help people that are just doing a simple move and need to liquidate to make a move simpler. We do free estimates and would certainly come out to speak with you if you are unsure of what type of services would best work for you.


We have a combined seven years of experience working with estates. We work closely with other appraisers on speciality items and are focused on getting you the most money for the items in your sale. Our estate sales are priced on a commission basis and there is no upfront cost to you to have a sale.

Business Services


FastDROP Main Line provides commercial liquidation services for excess inventory and overstock items. We can liquidate inventory for most commercial enterprise, small or large businesses. We can be a lucrative solution for your business to liquidate your excess inventory.


Sales Channel

Do you want to sell products online on a regular basis? Do you have closeouts every season? Do you need to make room for new inventory every year? Let us manage the entire process for you.


Did you know that items liquidated online typically yields results of 50% of MSRP, where as traditional liquidation services return as little as 15% of original MSRP? Why settle for less? Take advantage of our experience and expertise to transform your assets into cash in as little as 7 days after auction close.


We can help you sell:

  • New or used excess equipment
  • Excess inventory and overstock
  • Returns or damaged goods
  • Sample or demonstration items

Fundraising Services

At FastDROP Main Line, we provide an exciting new way to raise money for your school, church or organization. By utilizing our fundraising services, you can free yourself of the time involved in organizing traditional fundraising activities.


Supplement your current fundraising programs with FastDROP Main Line fundraising program, which requires no work on your part, other than signing up and letting your supporters know about it.


Have friends, family and neighbors drop off their unwanted items at the closest store location, and we’ll do the rest. Upon receiving the items, we will take care of the entire sales process. Once an item sells, we will send the proceeds to your organization. Also, a donation acknowledgement letter will be sent to the original owner of the item on behalf of your organization.